Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hot Pink Zebra Print Cake.

Zebra print is all the hype nowadays, especially on cakes, and i knew that i had to make one for my sister's birthday! I just LOOOVVVEEE the combination of Zebra print and hot pink! Totally chic!

I'm not sure whether my 9 year old sister loved it as much as i do. She had a slightly puzzled expression on her face when i presented the cake to her. She might as well be thinking that i'd gone nuts.

Can't blame her on that one though. If i were a 9 year old girl and had somebody made for me a zebra cake for my birthday, i would... give a wail of a lifetime.

 Because as a 9 year old, i would want a princess cake. Or a Barbie cake. Or any cake that had got nothing to do with the content of a zoo.

But! I'm really happy with my work. =)

I know that i need to work on the zebra print. I spent almost 2.5 hours on it!

Have i ever mention that i work at a speed of a freakin snail?


My brother commented that my cake looked like leeches were crawling all over it.

Have i ever mention that my brother can be such a leech sometimes?


But seriously.


My sister finally got over her shock of seeing zebra prints all over her cake and agreed to proceed with the cake cutting session. :D