Monday, December 13, 2010

My First Wedding Cake Project!

When i first accepted the order to make wedding cupcakes + one fondant cake for my cousin 6 months ago, some people (and even myself) thought that i was crazy. Because (a) my baking skill's still in need of major improvement and (b) i had no idea how to cover a cake with fondant. I didn't attend any fondant cake courses before. So it's only fair that some people thought that i was abit cuckoo on the head, and feared that the end result would be a total crap sitting on the wedding cake stand instead.

But now i'm so glad that this pink & white wedding cupcake + fondant cake project turned out to be quite a success!

Okay, I've to admit that the cupcakes and the cake weren't 100% perfect. As you can see closely at the pictures, the swirly icings on the cupcakes weren't that pretty, and the fondant cake was quite slanted to the right. This is what you get if you hire an amateur to do your wedding cake =P. But i was relieved that my cousin wasn't such a fussy bride, in other words, a BRIDEZILLA. She was actually very satisfied with it, after i kept asking for her opinion for countless of times. Phew, thank god for that. :D

The best part of the project was the rose! I have to thank YouTube for this. I had no skill whatsoever in making fondant rose before, and i had been searching for tutorials on YouTube and had been practicing for days. And i was so glad that they turned out nice on the fondant cake!

Overall it was such a great experience, even though there were times i felt like giving up. But i am grateful to have my family members and friend to help me out. =)

And i'm still glowing from all the compliments that i'd received from the guests. =)))

Before i end this post, i'll give you more details about the wedding cupcakes + cake:

(a) Cupcake stand: Made of silver cake boards and cake dummies (styrofoam)
(b) No of cupcakes baked: 90
(c) Cupcakes (and Cake) flavour: Strawberry yogurt. (from: Sugar Everything Nice Blog)
(d) Cupcakes icing: Wilton Buttercream (from:
(e) Cupcakes Icing (and Cake fondant) color: Americolor Electric Pink Gel Food Colour
(f) Cupcakes topper and deco: Hearts made of royal icing. And Wilton Sugar Pearl Sprinkles
(g) Cake fondant: Store-bought - Wilton Ready-To-Use White Rolled fondant 

Hope you have a blissful marriage life, cuzzie!

Anyway i'm not in the picture. :D

I just loveee the deco colours! I should have taken these colours for my wedding last year! Mine was gold and cream.

P/S: My friend has requested for wedding cupcakes for her wedding next year! Should i accept it??


  1. Frena, this cake is FANTASTIC! I love its bright colors, wonderful for a wedding. I can't believe it's your first try. Great job! You are so talented and your cousin is so lucky!

  2. Hi Zerrin! Thanks for dropping by my blog and the wonderful comment!

  3. This is an absolute spectacle of a cake!!! Fabulous design and color!!! This is the cake that steal the show for sure! You have a gift for making fantastic cakes! Congratulations!!!
    Most beautiful wedding picture I ever seen yet!!!