Monday, September 13, 2010

The Journey of the Confectionery Queen Begins...

HAH. Fancy calling myself a Confectionery Queen, when:

a) I'm not a confection-making extraordinaire,
b) Most of the time i fail at following recipes correctly,
c) I don't look like a confectionery goddess, like Nigella Lawson or... someone goddessy or queeny-like?

Well. When it comes to confections/desserts, I'm always the first one in line. My obsession for it makes others shake their heads, tsk-tsking everytime. Hence, the label Confectionery Queen. Hehhhh.

So. This is my first post for this blog. Yaay.

And today happens to be my Barf-day. Double Yaay.

Now i have two things to celebrate on the 13th of September every year. Triple Yaay.

Why i call it barfday and not birthday?

Because the thought of having to grow older but not wiser kinda makes me wanna barf.
Right now.

To cheer things up, i've made myself a birthday cake. No, not your typical birthday cake.

It's Yogurt Marmalade Cake from The Pioneer Woman!
Oh how i really love her. But not in a sick-ly way. She's such an inspiration!

Hugeass photo of it.
From the photo above, you can see that:

a) I need to buy pretty plates and more props. Yes, i'll do that. Don't worry.
b) My photography skill sucks like no other. Will do something about it too.
c) My cake didn't rise beautifully as Pioneer Woman's. Boo.

But the cake tasted good! I've always love zesty cake. And it's not too sweet either. 
I'm not a big fan of the orange glaze though. Quite sour to my liking. I will experiment it with different types of glaze in the future.

Or i would just pour chocolate syrup all over and stuff my face in it.
Yes. That's it.

Another note: It's best serve warm.

My Rating: 6/10

(Click here for the recipe)


This blog is still under construction actually. I'm gonna get a new blog design real soon, and the one that's gonna design it is none other than the talented Jessica from The Frilly Coconut. I'm so glad that i stumbled upon her website while doing some food blog-hopping. Look at her portfolio and see why she's so talented. I'm really very excited and can't wait to see mine!

Okay, that's it for now. Have a good day people!

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