About Me

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

I'm Frena, and i live in Singapore.

I grew up surrounded by baking goods. My grandaunt used to run her own baking business while at the same time babysit my brother, cousins and i when we were young. Most of the time we would be in the kitchen, watching her in awe while she baked all kinds of traditional Malay confections/delicacies for her customers, and we would stand by her side till the end, puppy-eyed, hoping for some leftovers.

And that's how I become an all-out sugary confection freak.

The end.


One problem though: I wasn't exactly born to be a good baker. I was born to realise that kitchen was quite an intimidating place to be in. I used to know nuts about cooking or baking, and i had this belief that i would burn the whole kitchen down if i ever start. So during my younger years, i tried to avoid the kitchen like a plague, except if i was hungry and need to take some foods, or need to use the bathroom. And this kinda drove my mother up the wall.

It was only last year (2009) that i decided to push my fear aside and started to learn to cook and bake properly. And that's because i've just got married to the love of my life. And for all married women, cooking skills is essential. We don't want our husband to starve to death, do we? =D

I've attended a few cooking and baking courses for quite some time now, and time after time, my passion for it keeps getting stronger!

So far i haven't burn the whole kitchen down, so i think i'm doing pretty good. Haa.

Anyway... I still consider myself a novice. I have a lot to learn. And i really appreciate it if you, dearest readers, share with me your wonderful baking experiences and provide me with some useful tips or constructive advices.

And I also have to admit that my writing is quite horrendous. I have a bit of a struggle to write and describe about foods properly. So i hope you can see through that and bare with me. I'll try to work on that bit by bit. Tee Hee.

My other favorite things to do besides baking:
- Reading novels, especially chic-lit novels,
- Strumming guitar and singing at the top of my voice when nobody is at home,
- Photography... Even though i totally suck at it,
- Playing games on the iPhone.
- YouTubing

So, enjoy everyone!

Yours Truly,
Frena - CQ